Remodel Update: Fireplace Part 2

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January 9, 2018

Today was a VERY exciting day at the Daly-Cash household! We had our wood stove installed and are officially keeping the house toasty warm with all that wood we split back in the spring and summer.


Aside from a few aesthetic details, like painting trim and touching up cabinets, our remodel has come together! 


From last Thursday, check out Remodel Update: Fireplace Part 1 if you haven't already!  


Shout out to Randy and George from Fireplace Services for their fantastic installation work, product knowledge and wonderful energy! They came by this afternoon and got right to it. With new parts on the truck and a new (to us) wood stove to install, they brought our old-school set-up to code and completely certifiable in a few short hours! 

Our chimney needed a few extra feet added to it...

The Country stove was a DOOZY due to its weight and size...

They even polished 'er up, vacuumed any debris and gave me a tutorial on using the blower, the damper and some other pro tips! Randy even got our first fire going - it was SUCH a good feeling after everything that's gone into the remodel! Our house truly feels like a home now.


I am so thankful Island Masonry referred me to Fireplace Services for this work! I jokingly referred to them as celebrities of the fireplace world, but that's definitely the truth! Being new(ish) to the world of a wood stove in the home, it makes me feel secure knowing these guys are in my neighborhood and have my back. We even opted for an annual service package to make sure our set up is safe and clean down the road and for many years to come. Our living room feels extra cozy now, and I can't wait to get back home after my show tonight to see the fire roaring!

Thank you so much, Randy and George! See you next year! ;)


Wood stove pros and vets - have any tips or stories to share? Email me


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly