Rock Blog: 10 People You'll See At #Pain2017

June 12, 2017

© Stephanie Savoia

Pain In The Grass is less than two weeks away. Crazy, huh? Whether you're a newbie or a repeat offender, these are 10 People You Will See At #Pain2017:


1. Hot Rock Girl: You'll see 16 of them at Pain. Our Rock Girls are a very special part of the KISW family, so it is of the utmost importance that you pose for the obligatory Rock Girl photo at #Pain2017!

2. Mullet Guy: There is a guy who works at White River Amphitheatre, and I am PRAYING he is back this summer. He has the most glorious, golden mullet I have ever seen. 


3. Rock Repper: There will be AWESOME KISW shirts from the past and present. Be sure to wear yours. Trust me, it's a conversation piece.

(If you show up wearing no KISW gear, but find yourself wanting some, you can pick up the new KISW Snap Back Hat at #Pain2017)


4. Super Drunk Girl: First off, I hope she is not YOU! Actually, I hope she is not ME. But she'll be there. However, your best bet is to STAY HYDRATED, drink responsibly, and NOT be super drunk girl. Otherwise, you might be the one yelling, "F*** you, Chrissy! Just kidding I love you. WHO TOOK MY SMOKES?!?!?!"

5. Shirtless Kilt Guy: First off, I am Scottish, so I LOVE kilts. Bust 'em out. And if you feel like it, go shirtless, too. You can be this guy. Just remember the sunscreen.

6. Junior Rockaholic: If you're the parent of a Junior Rockaholic - YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT! I mean, my first concert was Boyz II Men, so if you bring your youngins to Pain In The Grass, you're raising up the next generation responsibly!

7. The Momager: Thanks, mom! You stepped up, and the kids will love you forever for this. It's a LONG day, and you're the real MVP.

8. First Date: The couple that rocks together STAYS TOGETHER. This could be the start of something really awesome, and you have a built-in anniversary celebration every year! 

9. The Unwilling Participant: This dude just doesn't get it. His friends told him, "Come on, man, it'll be fun! You'll love it!!!!" But he really likes Katy Bieber or whatever that girl's name is. 

...and saving the best for last...


10. This guy: We don't know who he is, but we love him, and we are SO hopeful he'll grace us with his presence (and high kicks) at Pain In The Grass.


Last minute tickets are available through or day-of at the White River Amphitheater box office on June 24th. We'll see you at #Pain2017, party people! 


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly