Rock Blog: 3 Chicks Who Will ROCK You At #Pain2016

August 17, 2016

There will be a LOT of women who ROCK at Pain In The Grass this Sunday. Rockaholic ladies, Rock Girls... but three exceptionally rockin' women will be ON STAGE, and I'd like to get you acquainted with them before the weekend.


First off, we have the lovely and talented sweetheart-of-a-gal Mixi, who fronts Stitched Up Heart. Mixi has indeed become a friend of the station since SUH played Pain In The Grass last year (that's where we fell in love with her), and we are SO PUMPED to have the band playing the Main Stage this year! As a fellow female, she is the type of woman who makes me proud to be one. She is tough as nails but sweet as pie, and that blonde hair is pretty much the 8th Wonder of the World. This is a DO NOT MISS performance. Mixi and the guys take the Main Stage at 2:40pm on Sunday. In the meantime, make sure to rock out to one of my FAVORITE Stitched Up Heart songs, 'Monster'.

Next up, we have the super-sexy Heidi and Carla of Butcher Babies. I had the pleasure of seeing them for the first time at Mayhem Festival in 2013, and my jaw was literally ON THE FLOOR the entire time they performed. I have seen some bad-ass female performers before, but in a male-dominated world of metal music, Heidi and Carla truly hold their own! On stage antics, crazy make-up, wild outfits, and vocal skills you have to hear to believe. If you walked past them on the street, you might not think they fronted a kick-ass metal band, but when you see them up on the Another Century Stage at 8:30pm on Sunday, you'll be totally entranced by the fire they bring. Be there!! And check out my favorite Butcher Babies jam of the moment, 'Monster's Ball'. 


That's a lot of MONSTER happening!! See y'all on Sunday. Get there early and get ready to throw down with these RAD ladies of ROCK! And if you haven't picked up your tickets just yet, SHAME ON YOU, but you can get 'em here. :) 


- Taryn Daly