Rock Blog: 4 Things You MUST Bring To #Pain2017

June 20, 2017

Whether you're leaving town on a road trip or going camping for a few days, a checklist of What To Bring is always handy. Here's ours for Pain In The Grass


1. Sunscreen. Duh. If you need a refresher on why, please see these horrendous photos. Pro Tip: the medical tent at White River Amphitheater has sunscreen for anyone to use, just be sure to reapply throughout the day. Ryan Castle has also volunteered to rub you down if needed. 


2. Wallet. Probably with some cash in it. You're going to get hungry and thirsty, and you might even want to pick up some KISW or #Pain2017 artist merch! Pro Tip: leave the wallet chain at home. 

3. Condoms. You just never know! It's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. Pain in the Grass has been known to bring people, er, together... if you know what I mean. Pro Tip: if you meet a special someone on Saturday, you have a built in anniversary celebration every year w/ KISW. 

4. An extra pair of socks. Because your first pair will indeed be rocked off at some point during the day. Pro Tip: you may consider brining an extra face, as yours will likely be melted at Pain in the Grass. 


Grab those last minute Pain in the Grass tickets, Rockaholics! Also, don't forget that WEDNESDAY this week and WEDNESDAY ONLY, you can score $99 off TWO Palace Law Premium Experience tickets by using the promo code PAIN2017 when you check out! We'll see you Saturday!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly