Rock Blog: 5 Reasons We Love Stitched Up Heart

July 26, 2016

Rockaholics got a delicious taste of Stitched Up Heart on the Another Century Stage at Pain In The Grass 2015, and KISW is STOKED to welcome them back to the main stage at Pain In The Grass 2016. It was clear from the moment they took the stage last year that we would dig this group, but little did we know we would fall head-over-heels in love with them. Here are 5 Reasons We Love Stitched Up Heart:


1. Stitched Up Heart is one of the hardest-working bands out there. They have basically been touring non-stop since they first got together. One time I asked Mixi about life on the road, and she told me that they travel together in a van, they take turns driving from city to city, and they stay with friends and family wherever they land. Because of their grassroots touring, this band is deeply connected to rockers and radio stations all over the U.S., and I would let them crash at my house ANY time. 


2. Mixi's headbanging is inspirational. She probably has the neck strength of Corey Taylor, because she rocks as hard as he does but also carries around the most beautiful long blonde hair I have ever seen!!! That's gotta be heavy! For me, I go out to a few shows a month and my neck pays for it DEARLY for a day or two afterward. It's what I call a 'bang-over' and it's not fun. However, Mixi is clearly a headbanging pro and is well conditioned to handle the muscular beatdown. 

3. They create music videos that you can't help but watch over and over. We're currently playing their new single "Monster" on KISW, and if you've heard it, you know how hard it rocks. The music video captures everything the lyrics and the music represent. The super-charged intensity is MIND-BLOWING! Check it out:


4. The members of this band make you feel super special. They always remember my name when we see each other along with the names of my co-workers, and the are great huggers! We get so giddy when we know they are stopping by because they are insanely fun to be around. I hope I get some hugs backstage at Pain In The Grass!


5.  Stitched Up Heart loves Seattle, and Seattle loves Stitched Up Heart! We were SO antsy to play their first single "Finally Free" after Pain In The Grass 2015 that we were blasting it over the KISW airwaves MONTHS before their new album 'Never Alone' came out. And you should definitely get to know them AND their album before #Pain2016. On top of playing Pain last year, they also have thrown down rad shows at Studio Seven and El Corazon over the last year! 


We're beyond pumped to have Stitched Up Heart on the main stage in just a few short weeks. Check out their album, give them some love, and get ready to ROCK on August 21st!


Taryn Daly