Rock Blog: 5 Reasons We're Pumped Ten Miles Wide Is Playing #Pain2017

June 19, 2017

"Iron" Mike Savoia

I'm sure MANY of you are already familiar with Seattle-based rockers and Loud & Local favorites Ten Miles Wide, but for those who are not, here are 5 reasons we are PUMPED they're opening up Pain in the Grass on Saturday!


1. They love to put on a KICK ASS stage show, and sometimes that includes rad masks or crazy headware! We love these zany antics. Case in point, the infamous horns of Johndus Beckman:


2. Their album The Gross will go into your CD player and likely never come out. Every track on the album is completely bad ass. Their writing and musicianship will blow you away. Fun fact: They worked with the legendary Jack Endino on several tracks on this record!! You should buy it immediately if you haven't already.


3. Sometimes they let my friends jump on stage and sing with them. At Matt Koch's 30th Birthday Party in December of 2016, they invited the birthday boy himself up on stage to sing with the band, and it was so wicked cool to see Matt THAT elated!


4. They are downright good dudes. Every time they visit the KISW studios to be a part of Loud & Local or just pop on by to say hi, the guys are completely fun loving, friendly and totally down to earth. You can't help but love them as people!


5. When it comes to sports, Ten Miles Wide loves the Seahawks. And at the rate the band's following is building, they could very well play before a Seahawks game outside CenturyLink Field some day. GO HAWKS!


See Ten Miles Wide this Saturday at Pain in the Grass when they open up the entire day at 1:40pm! Tickets are available through Meet us there and get ready to ROCK!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly