Rock Blog: 6 Songs We Wanna Hear At Pain In The Grass

August 12, 2016

Obviously there will be WAY more than 6 songs played at Pain In The Grass, with 15 bands performing on 2 stages. However, there are a few songs that I pray to the gods of rock we'll be hearing on Sunday August 21st! 


1.  Disturbed - 'Stupify': For me personally, this is where the love affair with Disturbed began. Their debut album came out when I was attending Stanwood High School, and I can't tell you how many times I probably blew out a speaker in my car or a friend's car blasting this song. It's at the top of my list for many reasons, nostalgia being one of them! 


2.  Stitched Up Heart - 'Finally Free': When we first heard this song, it was LIVE on the Another Century Stage at Pain In The Grass 2015. To say we fell in love with Mixi and Stitched Up Heart at that exact moment would be accurate. This ended up being the first SUH single we played on KISW, and a fan favorite on top of that. 


3.  Saint Asonia - 'I Don't Care Anymore': You've probably heard their STELLAR Phil Collins cover on KISW. What I love about their version is the fact that they didn't stray too far from the original, but they totally put their sound into it. Adam Gontier's voice is so insanely recognizable, and he really crushes this one. 


4.  Alter Bridge - 'Ghosts Of Days Gone By': In the words of Ryan Castle, "I really think this song showcases Miles' singing abilities and range." That's the truth! He explores every corner of his vocal range in this song. It's not too slow, it's not too upbeat. This jam is PERFECT for a giant outdoor music fest! 


5.  Anthrax - 'Caught In A Mosh': Off their righteous album Among The Living which was dedicated to the memory of Cliff Burton of Metallica, 'Caught In A Mosh' is a big fan-favorite and one of the greatest metal songs of all time. We would LOVE to rage in the pit to this one! 


6.  Butcher Babies - 'I Smell A Massacre': If they play this song at #Pain2016, faces will MELT. Heidi and Carla are experts at tearing the roof off of a place, but given the fact that we'll be outdoors at White River Amphitheatre, they'll probably just tear the sky down instead. 


Which songs do YOU want to hear at Pain In The Grass? Hit us up in the comments with your top picks!


- Taryn Daly