Rock Blog: 9 Sunburns To Remind You To Wear Sunscreen To #Pain2016

August 9, 2016

This serves as a Public Service Announcement, Rockaholics! Pain In The Grass has a history of being HOT HOT HOT, so do yourself a favor... wear sunscreen, reapply, and then reapply some more, or else you might end up with one of these:

1. The Classic: All-over body. Usually late spring, when you're least expecting it. We've all been there.

2. The Pattern: Thanks to a sassy top, you now have a decoration burnt onto your skin! 


3. The Sneaky Burn: Sure, you were up in the mountains and it FELT cold, but the sun is tricky and she got you GOOD. 

4. The Bro Tank I: Now it looks like you're ALWAYS wearing one!

5. The Bro Tank II: Slightly worse than Bro Tank I

6. The Gardener: You were just weeding for a few hours over Memorial Day Weekend. It can't be THAT hot yet, can it?! 

7. The Sock Burn: That's definitely going to suck, especially if you wear heavy duty boots to work. You'll probably be in flip flops for a week, so tell the boss you'll do some office work.

8. The Worst: This one makes you tear up just looking at it. There will be no bra-wearing for awhile. 

9. The Worst-er: This one takes the cake. You'll be bathing in a vinegar and yogurt bath for a week. 

Let's NOT get burns like these at #Pain2016, okay?! Sunscreen for all! And lots of reapplying. Get to know your neighbor and rub down their back, too. 


For extra sun safety tips, check out the American Cancer Society's resources


- Taryn Daly