Rock Blog: 9 Sunburns To Remind You To Wear Sunscreen To #Pain2017

June 13, 2017

This serves as a Public Service Announcement, Rockaholics! Pain in the Grass has a history of being HOT HOT HOT, so do yourself a favor... wear sunscreen, reapply, and then reapply some more, or else you might end up with one of these at #Pain2017:


1. The Crispy Back: Neck to crack. Usually late spring, when you're mowing the lawn and you least expect it. We've all been there.

2. The Pattern: Thanks to a sassy top, you now have a decoration burnt onto your skin! 

3. The Sneaky Burn: Sure, you went to Safeco Field in May. It was breezy. But the sun is tricky and she got you GOOD. 

4. The Bro Tank I: Now it looks like you're ALWAYS wearing one!

5. The Bro Tank II: Slightly worse than Bro Tank I

6. The Raccoon: You got the COOLEST new shades for the summertime. And every time you look in the mirror in the next week, you'll be reminded of their coolness.

7. The Lobster Leg: "My legs NEVER burn." Famous last words. You'll never forget to lube them up again.

8. The Worst: This one makes you tear up just looking at it. There will be no bra-wearing for awhile. 

9. The Worst-er: This one takes the cake. You'll be bathing in a vinegar and yogurt bath for a week. 

Let's NOT get burns like these at #Pain2017, okay?! Sunscreen for all! And lots of reapplying. Get to know your neighbor and rub down their back, too. 


For extra sun safety tips, check out the American Cancer Society's resources


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly