Rock Blog: 'Appetite For Destruction' Turns 29

July 21, 2016

29 years ago today, Guns N' Roses debuted what would become one of the best-selling albums off all time - Appetite For Destruction. It was filled with the essentials - sex, drugs, and rock & roll. It was metal. It was punk. It was everything the world of rock was asking for at that time, and nearly three decades later they are still asking for AFD by name.


Monster guitar solos from a way-cool dude in a top hat with a cig hanging from his lip. A crazy-powerful front-man with a wicked-huge vocal range. A Seattle-born bassist with punk rock in his heart and unmatched swagger. A drummer-turned-guitar player rocking shaggy hair with that L.A.. attitude. A turbulent, life-of-the-party soul behind the kit with wild blonde hair everywhere.  


That's how I picture the Appetite For Destruction crew, 29 years ago. 


The album itself is pretty special to me, because it was the first piece of vinyl I ever purchased. It's one of those albums where you can listen to it over and over and pick up different elements with your ears every single time. The tracks are so perfectly placed. You get slapped in the face with 'Welcome To The Jungle' to start, right in the middle you pay a visit to 'Paradise City', and you go home with the 'Rocket Queen'. My favorite track on the album, however, is 'Mr. Brownstone'. I remember when someone told me the song was about heroin as a kid, and I was totally shocked. I never listened to the lyrics as closely as I did that day! 


With G N' R making a trip to Seattle next month, I'd be willing to bet nearly every song on this album makes it onto the set-list. Appetite For Destruction itself is a hit-fest, and the crowd at CenturyLink Field will be chanting the name of every song on it come August 12th. You can still get tickets here, Rockaholics. 


Happy Anniversary to a heritage album at KISW and all across the globe that still brings us to our sha-na-na-na-na-na KNEEEEES KNEEEEEES! 


Taryn Daly