Rock Blog: 'The Colour & The Shape' vs. 'Self-Titled'

July 27, 2016

This afternoon, I went out for some eats with a new gal here at Entercom Seattle who is now doing mid-days for our sister station 107.7 The End. Her name is Alyssa Page, and we are both HUGE Foo Fighters fans! Obviously we had to share stories from when and where we had seen the Foos over the years, and it inspired my 90 Something Facebook Battle tonight!

Two albums that were a big part of the 90s for me were Foo Fighters' self-titled debut album and 'The Colour & The Shape'. I thought it would be fun to put these two powerhouse albums up against each other for 90 Something, then pick a song off the winning album to play for 90 Something! 


So which album would be your pick, 'Foo Fighters' or 'The Colour & The Shape'?


And here's to hoping they come back to Seattle SOON to rock us hard once more - I know you're with me on that! 


- Taryn Daly

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