Rock Blog: Dave Grohl Listens Back To Early Foo Fighters on KISW

June 5, 2017


On outtake from Sonic Highways is pretty special to the KISW family. This clip shows Dave Grohl and Barrett Jones listening to a segment on KISW called "New Music Show" with Damon Stewart in 1994. Remember that show?? At the time, Dave had just recorded a new demo. The song was nameless at that moment, but you know it today as 'I'll Stick Around' off Foo Fighters' self-titled, debut album! Dave also gives some props for KISW and specifically that show for helping launch the Foos to the next level. Check it out!




SO happy when these gems pop up! It's always cool to get a peek at where it all began.


As for the present day, listen for the new Foo Fighters single called 'Run' on KISW, and enjoy the Grohl-directed video for the song:


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly