Rock Blog: The end of an era - KISW is moving!

July 28, 2017

Tonight marks the end of an era, and it is a great honor to be the last live KISW DJ at 1100 Olive Way. After I turn off the mic at 10pm, we will transition to our new home at 800 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle. Same great station, same great people, but we leave behind memories that will never be forgotten!


Metropolitan West has been home to us since July of 1998, but it was actually KISW's 4th home. The station started in 1971 in West Seattle, then moved a block away from where we are now on Stewart (and that building will be torn down in the very near future). KISW then spent a great deal of time at 712 Aurora! My boyfriend Brad even started his radio career there. Cathy Faulkner did the last shift on Aurora, and the final song was "Piss On The Wall" by J. Geils. People say "if those walls could talk" and they LITERALLY did at Aurora, featuring the autographs of people like Joe Walsh and Jerry Cantrell...

 ...and finally here on Olive Way. Damon Stewart was the first to take the airwaves here, and I'll be the last.

It's the only home I've ever known while working for KISW. The bands who graced Olive Way's halls over the years have grown with us and are still the Rockaholics' most treasured artists - Soundgarden, Metallica, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains... the list is massive! But the people who worked here are just as much of our musical history. Cathy Faulkner, Damon Stewart, Bob Rivers, Dan Wilke, Adam Gerke, The Howard Stern Show, Ricker, Jolene, Ryan Castle, BJ & Migs, The Mens Room, Metal Shop, Matt Koch, C.C. Stone and even me! We have kept this living, breathing beast alive as a heritage radio staion in Seattle, serving hundreds of thousands of Rockaholics and proving to the world that rock music is and always will be a force to be reckoned with. 


Rockaholics, we look forward to introducing you to our new digs next week! We're kissing our 1980s board goodbye and getting a digital upgrade! Just wait till you see the "after pics". 


Without you, our Rockaholics, we would have no tale to tell. Thank you all for being a part of this piece of the KISW story. Whether you sat in w/ BJ & Migs, picked up tickets you won on Profile This or just turned up your radio to rock out during your commute, you're directly involved in the Olive Way legacy!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly