Rock Blog: Happy Early Birthday, Geddy

July 28, 2016

The frontman and bassist of my favorite band is turning 63 tomorrow. I am taking tomorrow off, so I felt compelled to wish Geddy Lee of Rush a very happy early birthday tonight!


My favorite bands and musicians have always been inspired from my parents' record collection, but in the case of Rush, they had nothing to do with this love affair I have been having with the band for years. Even to this day, my parents can't stand Rush. I always have said, you either love Rush, or you don't. There's really no in between. I love them so much that I branded myself with the '2112' star man last year. That's my upper left thigh right there. 

I first got into Rush because I loved Primus (still do), and when I began comparing the two bands and reading about the friendship between Geddy Lee and Les Claypool, I started checking out deeper cuts than what I had heard on the radio from The Holy Triumvirate. I knew songs like 'Tom Sawyer' and 'The Spirit Of Radio' and 'Freewill', but when I heard songs like 'La Villa Strangiato', 'Xanadu', and 'Roll The Bones', my life changed. That might sound corny and cliche, but it's the truth.


I literally studied this band. Album by album, I learned the riffs and played air-guitar along with Geddy or Alex Lifeson, depending on if I was feeling bass-y or shredd-y that day. I tried to keep up with some Neil Peart air-drums but let's be honest, that's near impossible. Also impossible? Picking a favorite album. I change my mind ALL THE TIME. I usually flip back and forth between '2112' and 'Moving Pictures', but my favorite song is actually off 'Hold Your Fire', and that would be 'Time Stand Still'. I'm sure that, too, will change soon. I'm probably due for another switch-er-oo.


I've seen Rush several times over the years, and was fortunate enough to score a meet and greet two separate times. Both times, I burst into tears after taking the picture and talking to Geddy. The music of these three geniuses changed the way I listened to music altogether. You can understand why I felt compelled to honor Geddy Lee the day before his birthday. 

One of the most marvelous things to see at a Rush show is the tshirts. Every tour shirt EVER is represented. You have the most amazing conversations with other Rush fanatics. On top of that, it's very popular to wear all the passes from all the shows on the current tour, so you'll see die-hards with 19 different passes on their lanyards. It's fun to chat them up and find out where they're headed next. It's moments like that where I realize I can't actually be the BIGGEST Rush fan ever. But hell, I know I'm up there a ways. 

Recently, we've gotten back into vinyl, and we have acquired more Rush albums than any other band. You can guarantee that when you come over, we have '2112' or 'Exit...Stage Left' on the turntable! 


Although Rush is hanging it up for a while, I have the utmost confidence that they might play a special show in the future, maybe on a festival like Desert Trip or something of that nature. In the meantime, I know that Geddy Lee will extend his creative genius to other musicians and continue to make music. Happy (early) Birthday, Geddy! You are the man, and today (and tomorrow) I celebrate you!


- Taryn Daly

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