Rock Blog: 'Kill 'Em All' Turns 33

July 25, 2016

Widely considered the beginning of the Thrash Metal revolution, Metallica blew up the music scene with 'Kill 'Em All' 33 years ago today. One of "The Big Four", Metallica's super aggressive sound was developing a crazy underground following. Fast forward to today, and the tracks off 'Kill 'Em All' are still some of the most requested Metallica songs during my show at KISW! 


The album was born during one of many shake-ups Metallica experienced over the years. 'Kill 'Em All' was recorded and released just after Dave Mustaine was let go from the band, and he had been a co-author on several songs off this explosive debut album. Of course that left a very sour taste in his mouth, but Mustaine was given writing credits for his contributions, and he went on to co-found Megadeth.


Personally, I love 'Kill 'Em All' because it was one of the hardest albums I had ever heard as a kid. The screaming guitar riffs were so insane to me, and I had never heard anything like it. There was nothing mainstream about the songs on the album. It was LOUD, it was wild, and it was probably the reason for a lot of angry neighbors at the time. Hell, it's probably still angering neighbors today! But you certainly can't listen to it at a low volume. 'Kill 'Em All' is designed for full volume. It's dirty, gritty, and angsty. And it featured some of the best hair in the industry at the time!

I have been trying my hardest to pick a favorite song off the album, but it's damn near impossible. I am so fickle that I flip back and forth between 'Seek & Destroy', 'The Four Horsemen', 'Whiplash', and 'Hit The Lights'. It's just too hard to put one on a pedestal, so I have four favorites. Hope you're okay with that! 


With all of the chatter about Metallica being back in the studio 33 years after their debut album was released, 2016 will no doubt be a monster year for the band. There are rumors circulating that the band is reaching back to those thrash roots heard on 'Kill 'Em All' and 'Ride The Lightning', and I am very excited to see where their new material takes them. The likelihood of Metallica touring behind a new album is ridiculously exciting. Although any touring behind a new album will mean lots of new material, you know that the band will reach all the way back to 'Kill 'Em All' and the early days for a monster set-list! As we learn more about what is next for Metallica, we will be passing the scoop along to you, Rockaholics! 

Happy Anniversary to 'Kill 'Em All'


Taryn Daly