Rock Blog: Mandatory Metallica is BACK!

Photo © Herring & Herring

July 7, 2016

With all the Metallica buzz happening, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about the Mandatory Metallica days here at KISW. Remember those?! Of course you long-time Rockaholics do! Well, I'm absolutely STOKED to report that Mandatory Metallica is BACK on KISW! Tune in at 8pm this week only and rock out to 'Tallica with me! 


Metallica has in some ways ALWAYS been mandatory around these parts. They're a huge part of the heritage of The Rock and many of us here are die-hard fans. I'm sure many of you are, as well. 


There's a LOT going on in Camp Metallica right now, so let's recap:


First off, they've completed their new album Hardwired... To Self Destruct, and it's available November 18th! You're hearing THREE singles off the new record on KISW - 'Hardwired', 'Moth Into Flame', and 'Atlas, Rise!'


Second, we all heard the dirt that Lars almost got fired back in the mid-80s. Who knows what would have gone down had he been canned?! Everything happens for a reason, man.


And lastly, they're pretty much models now. The dudes partnered up with Brioni on an Italian luxury menswear company's campaign. The guys clean up real good! Definitely worth checking out:


So all in all, with everything happening all at once, my gut is telling me a MONSTER world tour is right behind all of this. Stay tuned, Rockaholics, and rejoice as Mandatory Metallica reigns supreme once again! 


Rock on,


Taryn Daly