Rock Blog: Pain in the Grass ROCKED. And it was HOT!

June 26, 2017

"Iron" Mike Savoia

Rockaholics, you truly out-did yourself on Saturday at Pain in the Grass! Sure, the temps sky-rocketed into the 90s, but you didn't let it slow you down! White River Amphitheater was ALIVE and the engergy was unlike any other show I've been to! THANK YOU! Check out some of these incredible posts from Saturday's #Pain2017:


The MegaCast's mega-family was doing MEGA pushups and giving MEGA hugs at the bar by the lawn!


Babymetal certainly had some super-fans at the show, but without a doubt some new fans were made during their set. I was up in the lawn doing all the moves ;) 


Was anyone else COMPLETELY blown away by Stone Sour's set? DAMN they sounded so good!!

Thank you Seattle! #stonesour #hydrograd

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Always love to see that gorgeous mountain popping out for the party! 


Chris Jericho found his doppelganger... from 1987! 

ME in 2017 standing over ME in 1987... #PainInTheGrass @999kisw #mulletonpoint @fozzyrock

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There was a LOT of confetti flying around the place...

What a show. #whiteriveramphitheatre #Pain2017 #festival #concert #android #follow #igdaily #picoftheday #instagood #igers #awesome #smartphone #lg #g6 #teampixel #pixelperfect #Google #Pixel #Android

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Was STOKED when Jonathan Davis of Korn busted out the bagpipes. My Scottish blood was racing through my veins at that moment!


The KISW Rock Girls were looking MIGHTY fine! Hopefully you got your obligatory Rock Girl photo, too!


And... did you know Miesha Tate was there?! YUP!


We can't wait for all of the professional photos to be uploaded to the KISW Facebook page! Please keep posting YOUR photos from Saturday, tag us and let us know how much fun you had! Doesn't it suck that we have to wait another year to do it again?! Thanks again for EVERYTHING Rockaholics! You are the absolute best people on the planet!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly