Rock Blog: Remembering J. Geils

April 11, 2017

John Warren Geils, Jr. passed away today at the age of 71. You know him as the founder of The J. Geils Band, and the man behind some of our favorite songs of all time. Songs that made you sing at the top of your lungs during your commute, tap your toes while bellied up to the bar, and maybe even tackle the tune at karaoke. 


John's body was found in his home in Groton, Massachusetts, a town that celebrates J. Geils Day every year on December 1st since the year 2009. Although police claim his death is not suspicious in any way, the story is still developing. 


The J. Geils Band released their self-titled, debut album in 1970, then true magic happened when the world heard "Love Stinks" in 1980, followed by their #1 hit "Centerfold" in 1981. The band shared stages with everyone from Billy Joel and The Eagles to U2 and Aerosmith. Although The J. Geils Band has been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame four times and has been eligible since 1995, they've not yet been selected for induction. 


Join KISW in celebrating the incredible life and legacy of John Warren Geils, Jr.