Rock Blog: 'Rush: Time Stand Still' - One Night Only!

October 3, 2016

Fans of The Holy Trinity - REJOICE! Although we may be in danger of never seeing our beloved power trio live in concert again, there is an opportunity to relive the magic of Rush's R40 Tour in theaters, for one night and one night only. Mark your calendar for November 3rd, my friends.

Rush: Time Stand Still is the behind-the-scenes documentary film capturing the band's 40th anniversary tour. A limited number of theaters in our area will be showing this film, so you'll want to look up the nearest place screening the film and get your tickets right away. 


Members of Heart, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, KISS, and other major artists will weigh in on their love for The Holy Triumvirate in a 20-minute short called Rush: A Salute To Kings that accompanies the documentary. Sound like a solid two-for-one, if you ask me. 


It's no surprise that high-profile members of the music community would come together to honor prog-icons Alex, Geddy, and Neil, but the narrator of Rush: Time Stand Still is another super-fan. Paul Rudd, who highlighted his obsession with Rush in the movie I Love You, Man, passionately winds us through the magic of Rush: Time Stand Still. 


You can check out participating local theaters in your area via Fandango. I'll see you at the movies, Rockaholics!


- Taryn Daly