Rock Blog: VOLBEAT Invades Seattle

September 6, 2016

WHAT A NIGHT! If you were there, then you already know. Volbeat blew the roof off WaMu Theater last night in Seattle! 


Before things got going, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Michael Poulsen and Robert Caggiano backstage, and they were so insanely cool. Apparently I got the memo to wear all black :) You can listen to the full interview here:


We also streamed the interview live via Facebook, so you can check that out as well:


The guys came out swinging, and started things off with The Devil's Bleeding Crown. Check out the full set list, because it only got bigger and better from there!


1. The Devil's Bleeding Crown

2. Heaven nor Hell / A Warrior's Call / I Only Want to Be with You

3. Sad Man's Tongue

4. Lola Montez

5. The Gates of Babylon

6. Slaytan

7. Dead But Rising

8. 16 Dollars

9. For Evigt

10. Hallelujah Goat

11. Maybellene I Hofteholder

12. Goodbye Forever

13. The Mirror and the Ripper

Then... a FOUR SONG ENCORE! Including young Volbeat fans being invited on stage at the very end. YEAH!

14. Black Rose

15. Doc Holliday

16. Seal the Deal (& Let's Boogie)

17. Still Counting


We've been fortunate enough to have Volbeat visit the greater Seattle area several times over the past few years, and here's to hoping they come back again soon! Seattle LOVES Volbeat, and I think the feeling might be mutual! 


- Taryn Daly