Rock Blog: Vulgar Display Of Power Turns 25

February 25, 2017

One of my favorite memories from my years at Washington State University was throwing on Vulgar Display Of Power at a fraternity house party and watching a poor sorority girl cover her ears and LITERALLY start crying. Pantera has always had the opposite effect on me, but I sure enjoyed her first introduction to the band that had given me countless bang-overs from rocking too hard. I'm confident that EVERY Pantera fan introduced a neighbor or a parent to this album at some point in their life.  Today we celebrate 25 years of Vulgar Display Of Power, an album that reestablished the strength of the metal movement in the early 90s. 


KISW's Metal Shop aired from midnight to 2am back in those days, but a heavy chunk of the playlist was pulled from this album. Fast forward to today, and you'll still hear Kevin, Ian & Ryan 'The Beard' cranking Vulgar Display Of Power to satisfy your ear-holes. From start to finish, the album is a complete face-melter, and it will forever be referenced and appreciated for its influence on the metal community. 


Dimebag Darrell making a guitar scream like no one else could. Vinny's MONSTER calves throwing down that double bass. Phil's aggressive growling and angry vocals. Rex holding it all together with explosive bass riffs. It was the recipe for what would become one of metal's most important albums. 


My two favorite tracks off the album have to be 'Walk' and 'F*cking Hostile'. Of course ANY Pantera song gets the crowd going, but to be down front for one of these jams... damn.


A classic Seattle tidbit? It was a KISW Presents show 4 or 5 years after Vulgar Display Of Power had been released when Pantera played the Mercer Arena. My boyfriend hosted Metal Shop at that time and did the stage announcement on behalf of KISW. He gives a great recap of audience throwing anything they could grab at him and flipping him off, because the ONLY thing they were interested in was the band. At one point in the evening, Jerry Cantrell jumped up with the band to contribute to 'Walk'. The crowd went absolutely bonkers. KISW, Seattle and Pantera. Always a strong bond. 


Today's the day to reflect on your relationship with Vulgar Display Of Power. Maybe you bought it the day it came out, February 25th, 1992. Maybe you first heard 'This Love' on Metal Shop. Whatever your story of discovery might be, pop in your 25-year-old CD and crank it up to 11. Happy 25th Anniversary to Vulgar Display Of Power!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly