Seattle's Pacific Science Center Is Throwing An Eclipse Party

August 18, 2017

People are flocking to the PNW to witness the first total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States since February 26, 1979, and although Seattle is not the best area to view this phenomenon, we still know how to throw down for this celestial event! 


The eclipse is set to begin at 9:08am. The total eclipse should happen at 10:20am and wrap up at 11:38am, with Seattle experiencing 92% of the sun blocked. 


The Pacific Science Center is hosting a special event this Monday, opening at 8:30am and handing out a pair of eclipse glasses to the first 800 paying guests. If you already have your own glasses or viewers, bring 'em! 


You'll be able to to check out solar telescopes, demonstrations and other activities, plus a live stream from a totality site which will be enlarged and projected for the guests to see.


Get more information at and be sure to tune in to Ryan Castle's Morning 12-Pack for an appropriate soundtrack! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly