Shamelessly Addicted

March 21, 2016

When it comes to my coffee, I'm definitely not SUPER picky. I JUST NEED IT. Shamelessly addicted. There are lots of great places to find great coffee, but when it comes down to it, I always prefer to go super local and support great roasters right here in the PNW.  Over the last few years, I've found some awesome roasters that definitely believe in quality over quantity. Check out these local businesses next time you're shopping for beans.

1.  Blue Heron Coffee Company - Samish Island, WA: First of f, being from the "north end", I love the art and logo because seeing a blue heron is always so magical to me! The coffee from Blue Heron is amazing. Small batches at incredibly reasonable prices. And they carry everything from regular coffee to certified organic to shade grown beans. Check out their full offerings at the online store.

2.  Camano Island Coffee Roasters - Camano Island, WA: I LOVE Camano Island Coffee Roasters because they are committed to good ethics, organic products, and fairly traded coffee. They're supporting their coffee farmers and various non profits, which is HUGE. Makes you feel pretty good about sipping that morning (or afternoon!) cup. They have an awesome storefront, but you can also shop online and even join one of their clubs! 

3.  Herkimer Coffee - Seattle, WA:  An amazing variety of blends! They care not only about the coffee they roast, but they care a LOT about the small farms who provide those beans. Their high standards are reflected in every cup. Not only can you buy online, you can stop by one of their locations and experience the wonder first-hand! 

4.  Valhalla Coffee Company - Tacoma, WA: Not only is the name awesome (am I right, Vikings?) - so is the coffee! Providing high quality beans in Tacoma since '04, Valhalla roasts small batches by hand and you'll taste that when you enjoy a cup. You can find their products all over town, so you know the entire community loves the coffee!  

Stay locally caffeinated, Rockaholics!

Happy Adventuring,

Taryn Daly