It's A Socially Distanced Memorial Day Weekend

Listen all weekend for tips on how to celebrate responsibly

May 20, 2020
Memorial Day Weekend on KISW

Beginning Friday at 6pm, join TheRock for the Socially Distanced Memorial Day Weekend! Three full days of drinkin' beer, fun, food and drinkin' beer! Plus creative, safe ways to enjoy a socially distanced backyard BBQ, like....


A game of Dodge-Person...

dodge person


Mini Watermelon Shot put...

watermelon shot put


One-man chess...

Chess with a cat


And sharing a 6-foot long hotdog (without being creepy).

6 foot hot dog


Join us for the first-ever Socially Distanced Memorial Day Weekend! We'll eat, drink and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety. From Seattle's "Socially Distanced Participation Station", 99.9 KISW.