Staff Picks: KISW’s Favorite Chris Cornell Songs

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July 16, 2019

"Iron" Mike Savoia

July 20th marks what would have been Chris Cornell's 55th birthday, and we're paying tribute to him by sharing our favorite songs from his extensive music career.


Between Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and his solo work, picking a favorite Chris Cornell song was no easy task, but these are the tunes your friends at KISW put at the top of our lists:


BJ Shea: Temple of the Dog – 'Hunger Strike'


Steve Migs: Soundgarden – 'Searching With My Good Eye Closed'


Vicky B: Audioslave – 'Like A Stone'


Ryan Castle: Chris Cornell – 'When I’m Down'


Miles Montgomery: Chris Cornell – 'Sunshower'


Steve Hill: Temple of the Dog – 'Pushing Forward Back'


Ted Smith: Soundgarden – 'Slaves & Bulldozers'


Taryn Daly: Temple of the Dog – 'Reach Down'


Jeetz: Soundgarden – 'Spoon Man'


Hairclub: Soundgarden – 'Loud Love'


Many of us are still trying to process his death and the feelings of great loss we wrestle with, but sharing our favorite songs felt like a way to keep his memory and legacy alive. Happy Birthday Chris Cornell!


Happy Rocking,


Taryn Daly


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