Support Memorial Fund For Local Snowmobiler Killed In Avalanche

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Joe Simenstad Memorial Fund

February 28, 2018

As a WSU Cougar, I know firsthand that we stick together and support each other in both good and hard times. It's a lifelong camaraderie, and a bond that cannot be broken. Today I learned that a one of my Coug friends lost his brother over the weekend, so I am supporting his family in my Wreckreation Guide today.


Joe Simenstad and his wife Sabel were snowmobiling with three friends near Stampede Pass on Sunday when an avalanche broke, burying their group. Rescuers were able to dig them out, but Joe did not survive.


Joe's friends and family have put together a Go Fund Me account to help his wife and loved ones navigate this incredibly difficult time.


Joe and his wife were out in our beautiful backyard doing what they loved with people that they loved. For many of us, we often forget how dangerous some of our passions and hobbies truly are. As a winter sports enthusiast myself, my friends and family members are skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, winter hikers and snowshoers. This hits very close to home for so many of us.


Please continue to educate yourself on avalanche safety and local conditions, and check with your local county's avalanche center whenever you're venturing out into the wilderness and back country. 


Thank you for supporting Sabel Simenstad while she and Joe's family strive to find peace after tragedy. You are in our hearts and our thoughts. 


Taryn Daly