Taryn Interviews Mixi from Stitched Up Heart

April 17, 2016
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Sunday, April 17th


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Rockaholic Brothers and sisters it's Terrance Dailey and super excited and here on Sunday but it's a very special day and I wouldn't be anywhere else because I am joined. By Nixie from stitched up her saying it isn't so good to see you know. I thought -- because I felt like honor a little I'll listen and we work from here out like hmmm I don't think I did an all right guy out how well we're really excited Dixie we are such huge fans that you guys in and really I think a lot of your begin at that began pain in the last week fifteen last year and you guys were part of the another century stage and I remember seeing a blond haired yours like flying around and everyone is mesmerized. And you guys had so many people there that were supporting you like that have known this for a long time huge following at pains running fifteen and now we have these guys. On the main Egypt into may exceed its super cool paint and the grass is on August 21 white river and theater ticket decay eyes W dot com. And we complain actually you're single finally free. Since like. I have to payments yeah I do you guys like that. You're the first radio station that we won't talk to like ever met. With a car before penal grasp. Well I didn't will include played on after an Ollie there's nothing ever happened. And it was just really cool so we like. We feel like there's like. A bonds so the feeling is doubling mutual it absolutely is he's got every time you guys come through it's like will drop everything I've what's drink any beer will be how I do week. So thank you very odd for coming in today tonight as the plane isle core zone which is literally right around the corner of the organization the first time we played their cell if they're really fun venue I go there quite frequently. And the folks that that run that joiner osment. I have some fever bartenders have to tell you who they you struggle honoraria remembered as a yes Al cores on tonight on people can still get tickets he can walk up and get them more you buy an online and net and we'll call yes yeah yeah I implement I don't I don't know anything ever. They heard that something that you I just gotta guess what's going on it usually does now gaelic we have shown somewhere and some state and you guys are you visited touring basically nonstop firm. The last time all we did like we did fourteen Wilkes to Zurich generating record and. We ended up going onto it like is still are one eyed doll and down from Russia's mean how can cause such a good lineup announced that December. And am then we it took like two or three months to finish their record is kind of cut in between their record things that. And now are pretty much like it's looking like we're not gonna be back until September. So will be your turn red dog might get this that being said what is the caffeine situation like on your tour bus I'm really just trying not to drink as much we already finished a whole case a monster but. I'm trying not to drink isn't actually energy drinks is trying to legislate often natural energies and and stop relying on all coffee because. Then I just need more coffee and mark copy. But just tees and stuff for me but the boys you know. Well deckers favorite drink is alcohol. And I think anything with alcohol it and it got water sickened they hydrated and water and alcohol of ours. You know but then that this cock in and monster energy in an area so who on you after somebody who is like the stinky is person Andy. Ran into the easy answer. Is it like really like radioactive. Like it if we didn't have to stop at the gas station that we would be totally fine with just teasing him oh my gosh that's too funny that I was going to carry that. Transfer. I'm not nearly as well I appreciate your honesty is alone image while to get my time at at and asked which by the way again is eight are on the April we're in April August waivers a white river at a theater. And but I do that we have and disturbed. Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge scene Estonia. Amtrak's pop evil. You guy is so cool and that our local friends from window pane here in Seattle. In the land is just insane am abuse is there anybody on the list that you've never seen before your superstar I'm being with we met. At disturbed we met John from disturbed at the John bond and not any art any art show he was sent brother of the singer when I Donnelly around Tora went and since then we've kind of been keeping an entire action like keeping tabs and checking on him being like we did become friends overtime cell. It'll be the first show that we its planned to serve. And. And like another island and how cool it down Obama Hamid average homes that's were equally and yet that we had David dreaming here is the they can enter Seattle I'm in the middle of march and we did an interview before we announced the pain in the grass lying. And so he was here and it was just so excited one of the things that he and I. Discussed was. Playing a smaller venue like thank you guys will be Al Gore's own is just super awesome as people can get right up in your face and super intimate. And then you've got the European press posturing of 171000 people act what do you like what's what's your favorite or or or you know kind of explain. The difference from your perspective be in the front woman. Am I why. Packet there's there's pros and cons to both 'cause again like its Internet when he gets that close setting in you can like. Really focused try to see every single person in the audience I'm onstage. And 171000 peoples really hard to do that to tell our guys like to play and looking and it's I don't like point every single person just I wanna get everybody back. You know like last time. I think they had it set up where we where in this fight fades and they had the music from the other bands. While the other bands reloading changing on means in so people. Had to go to the beard are and to get more alcohol and they didn't have any other choice but to listen to us because if yeah they're they're getting here this second line they have to watch and even if they plug their ears like they're the only event playing. But it is gay and actually ran into Randi blight because he and I met him. And Aaron to Hammond. I was just like yeah we're in Butte lake you know we're there at the gear guarded and I don't know he's really cool I met him at the Motley zoo animal rescue. That was like. That was so cool are they doing I believe they aren't even doing I am a lot of our a lot of our events lately and it's amazing how many green like adoption story as you'll you'll hear. And we put a picture of my dog and within like two days somebody has adopted yet there isn't exceed that hey yeah yeah yeah but so often. Oh gosh I think my heart melted my Zachary Taylor from Clinton on cuddling kittens like I'm back. Yeah couldn't be any sexier really really drove me wild last year kind of got hot spot in lake has Corey was there I met him there aren't any there and pictures at like it. So it was just like anybody goes to an in animal. Motley zoo animal rescue that's where all the cool people right now is definitely where you'll see like rocks are turning things will huddle and other. How we ever so metal diet so metal aluminum panel. Actually just a couple weeks ago they were backstage at the slayer concert. And that was pretty hysterical looking at like you know slayer means. And here did their lead just fallen apart looking at easily can get the frame so awesome. And viewing it. EU we've mentioned a lot and then you're you're you're surrounded by guys you're you're an ad male dominated industry for the most part they're some pretty incredible like leading ladies of rock and I was at the mount Rushmore of rock we have. We have mixing here. We've got Lizzie hail. We have Maria brink we have Taylor moms and what would you save. For women who are looking up to you maybe like young aspiring female vocalist amber would you say kind of help motivate ended to keep fighting for the I'm liking like. The difference there's this it. Like that this females growing in the industry but there's really percentage wise not really that much of it like there's so many Margie its moon the fact my dad and mostly text but I have. But but ultimately you've got to own it just like the guys you know you've got it late show what you got a 110%. And give all you guys who work. So hard and because. Even if the guys have to prove themselves like if I want to ban whether it's got hired girl up there. I'm still gonna watch for the talent and like the passion I I really look for passion you can if you can feel what they're seeing little narrower field with their plane and that's really let Blake turns rule like fighting it out punch for example there. Here's some of the songs and it was cool but don't play with them on ship rocked and actually likes all the show. And aim at them and I really like. Just understood it and I've become a fan ever since you know awesome. It's amazing how much is seeing a live performance can change the way you perceive a band or a person or or you know appreciate their music more or anything like that. There is at one point I was never like really into Jane's addiction and you look at his arms and they never really I never really got it. And tell us on a plane pain in the past 2013 and I was like oh my god again you know and and then I became like just a die hard island forever album Nike ads. That. Sometimes it just takes that cool experience to really. You know. Out of your appreciation of a band or something that's Allentown. I'm more never tried it again being aggressive is on cell right now KI SW dot com. Nick see you you really do bring such energy to the show and we cannot wait to have you guys on the main stage. And they just means of a really great deal to us we like to think that you would find Seattle or white river and theatre to be your favorite place to play ever got really. What is like what's the one city where you've. Fine you get the warmest welcome. Wow that's a tough one and I will say events as far as any place than in a plane in the United States. Their red rocks. Just because it's like it's just are so earthly now that that's the hippie thing to say or something but it's just like. That the music bounces off rocks yeah like if that sounds really cool but. That that the last pain in the grass. It was one of those armament armaments the entire time around that's need to remember just being like. Just taking it all in and I still remember is still vividly like and I have the worst memory in the whole world yeah and I remember like. Give up their ire amber taking a deep breath and just looking around and just. You know and and we now when the boys and I actually pan out there playing means he needs this year first and I had to keep that seat karma I artists they. And wind I kept this secret as arrogant and their reaction. Don was there and their reaction. It was just like priceless they were out there all jaws dropped the all freaked out there are just like no way no way is for them to it was one of those just. I mean moments that feel. The energy and we watched who watch slip on and me we found them don't know of people on the news. Who's moving he told him to get Tim and to get out and this the whole entire place was. Like unite it it was beautiful yeah. That's I think I love that music is its agenda especially the rock communities such a special community where. We come together and we throw down we have a really great time and again get. There's a lot of you know mutual respect from people in the pit you know you don't see I mean of course some people are gonna end of wood medium minor injury of sorts but really take carried out there to you know it's not like super insane. We love each other we want more rockers not your Packers fan that gets us in embracing community and that's why the fact that we get to put on pain in the grass every year sell off because really that's the Washington's biggest rock festival. It is really cool I I remember sitting side statesman for I was playing watching all the people come. Out of the pit and earn back into it. And just the the look of like TS in their eye is he conceded there's like I'm gone for again I'm crowds sipping right now and Amy Amy you wanna do it. And in addition I don't know I always had a Arafat but there's there's been moments where like I really wanna see it staggering out but I don't know if that idea might get back to the states like. I finally like upgrade and got myself wireless our growth you suspend the Michael times I was really really committed to that cable. And phone down like OK I'm gonna grow up and be grown up and I think you know violence. So I can go out and the crowd in making on the pit so. I don't know maybe at this stage directing grassland that would be awesome again mark your calendars for August when he first and white river and the theater and in between now and then you as a new album coming out we have finally free is believed singled off of is is it someone it's someone. Yeah but it wasn't. The first hour in the next line and that's coming out really thin to is actually the first song was written and it's one of my favorites. Will have a music you know staffed by. Yes our new record with another century full link their first phone linked will be Jeanne seventy and it's called never allow bedrooms so excited which is so true because I'm never alone. Atlanta will not go way yeah you just surrounding the alleged hit weird Brothers all the time that got to what is your EIK I silly it's like the we have three ladies and we're outnumbered by. High gas and the three girls we actually started a podcast just have because like happily talk because no one gets you know like to get any patty lady. They talk at the right path that has got to do adds a lot of crime did you come again. We've got pain in the grass on on August 21 it's disturbed Breaking Benjamin. Alter Bridge saying the Sony Amtrak's pop evil if you sit up art and a window pane I didn't get to get that can easily accomplished again for coming in at. Out today and that of course on tonight Libya's rocket fire near the roof off that who knows maybe LC starts and crowd it really depends on energy celebrating what excites me greatly thanks again for coming mixing we love you and a few in August and I need him.