Taryn's Wreackreation Guide: Where To Take Your Dog When It's Raining

October 24, 2016


When it's really nasty and rainy outside, sometimes all you want to do is cuddle your dogs on the couch under a blanket. However, I just looked at the weather forecast, and I don't think I can do THAT many days of couch cuddles in a row without getting a bad case of cabin fever. Dogs HATE cabin fever, by the way...


Here are 5 great places to take your pups where you can stay out of the rain and avoid muddy paws:


1. Dogwood Play Park - Seattle, WA: Dogwood is a MAGICAL place, my friends. It's an indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park that also serves up wine and beer! Not to mention they have TVs on the wall so you can watch whatever sporting event might be on. Although they don't serve food, you can bring your own or have food delivered, plus they have dog snacks on-site so you can treat your pups! Let your dogs run around with other furry buddies while you mingle with other crazy dog people sipping suds, all while staying out of the rain! 


2. Josh's Taps & Caps - Snohomish, WA: This place is PERFECT for the dog lover who is also a craft beer enthusiast. Josh's Taps & Caps has a rotating beer menu that changes on a pretty regular basis, so there's always something new to try. And your dog is welcome to come along! If you're hungry, you can hit up the food truck, order food for delivery, or bring your own picnic. 

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3. K9 Fun Zone - Seattle, WA: One of Sergeant Hairclub's favorite places to take Shelby the Golden Retriever, K9 Fun Zone is a HUGE warehouse filled with all sorts of agility obstacles and toys. Since the space is available by appointment only, you can easily schedule a group playdate with your dog's fur buddies, or rent out the space for some solo fun. 


Keeping you AND your dog active during the rainy months is pretty easy when you have fabulous places like these nearby. Email me where you take your dog when it's raining so I can give it a whirl with Kona and Kai!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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