Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 10 Things To Keep In Your Car

December 8, 2016

With everyone buzzing about the forecasted snow, it's SUPER important you are prepared not only at home, but in your car as well. Here are 10 Things To Keep In Your Car in case of emergency, whether it be a snow storm or any other hairy situation.


1. Warm Clothes. If the temperatures drop and you are stranded in your car, how will you keep warm if your heater is not functioning? Keep a bag with some extra clothing in it just in case. Sweatshirts, scarves, blankets, hats and gloves are items you'll want to keep in your trunk! 

2. Water Bottles. Pick up a case at a grocery store or fill up a few reusable water bottles and keep them on hand for anything from keeping yourself hydrated to cooling off your radiator in a situation where you've over heated. 

3. Munchies. Simple road-trip-style snacks can keep your hunger under control in an emergency situation. Things like beef jerky, almonds and breakfast bars are easy to eat, simple to store, and have a longer shelf life (or glovebox life)!

4. First Aid Kit. You can buy one that's ready to go, or build your own, but every car should have a First Aid Kit. There are some GREAT, inexpensive finds on Amazon specifically for cars! Better safe than sorry.

5. Cables. No explanation needed. You don't want to be up a creek without a paddle. And it's always good to have jumper cables in case someone else on the road is in need. Who doesn't love being a hero?!

6. Car Tool Kit. It's wise to have a full car tool kit, plus a few essentials like duct tape and a Leatherman. You'll never regret having "that thing" when you need it! Again, Amazon has awesome options! Many of these car tool kits come stocked with jumper cables, emergency flares, a flashlight and a tire gauge, in which case you can ignore numbers 5, 7, and 8 ;)  

7. Flashlight. And extra batteries!! Breaking down or getting stuck in the dark is the absolute worst, but you'll make a difficult situation a little less difficult if you can shine a light on the problem. No pun intended ;)

8. Flares. You might have a full emergency car kit that has them already, along with jumper cables and a flashlight, but if not, get to shopping. Amazon is your friend again. 

9. Spare Tire. In my life, I have needed a spare TWICE, and have been so happy I had one in the Subaru! It's also smart to LEARN HOW TO CHANGE ONE, just in case you're on your own. 

10. Windshield Scraper & Snow Brush. I have a cool one made out of a big mitten! In case of a snowy situation, these can be a real pal. 

It also helps to have your car radio blaring 99.9! 


I hope this is a helpful checklist! You have a few hours before the flakes start falling - make sure you AND your car are ready for anything! Be safe out there, Rockaholics!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly