Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 5 Dog Stocking Stuffers

December 20, 2016

As a crazy dog-mom, of COURSE I stuff stockings for Kona & Kai every year! Don't you do the same for your four-legged family members?! Well, if you're thinking about jumping in on it, or even if you're already as nuts as I am, here are some ideas for dog stocking stuffers. 


1. TREATS. That's a given, right? Kona and Kai will literally eat ANY treat offered to them, but our labs LOVE Vita Bones. If they hear the top of the box pop open, they come RUNNING for their treats. 


2. CHEWY BONES. Especially if your dogs are chewers - and ours are - keeping them away from shoes, remote controls, and cords is imperative. Kona and Kai go crazy for Redbarn's Bully Sticks!! These awesome sticks keep them busy, and they don't chew our favorite human possessions as a result!


3. DENTAL HEALTH. Since our dogs are NOT interested in having their teeth brushed, Greenies are AWESOME for their dental health. AND, they make that stinky lab breath smell SO much better. 


4. TOYS. Since Kona and Kai are capable of destroying just about anything, KONG's rubber toys are the way we roll. KONG makes everything from rubber balls and Frisbees to bones and treat dispensing toys. We love the rubber bone with open ends so you can stuff it with peanut butter for an extra treat while they chew.


5. NEW COLLAR / LEASH / ID TAG. I discovered Hot Dog Collars when Kona was younger, and both she and Kai wear Hot Dog Collars accessories now! This company has literally thought of EVERYTHING, from themed collars to NFL teams, and the have the COOLEST custom ID tags. With such a wide selection, good luck picking just one stocking stuffer. :)


I'm sure your fur babies are on the nice list this year, so give 'em lots of love and spoil them rotten, because they are so deserving. Much love to you AND your dogs this holiday season!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly