Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 5 Reasons Seattle Loves The Rain

March 7, 2017


Have you looked at the forecast?


Not a dry day in sight. But that's okay with us, because we're Seattle! Rain is a regular part of our lives, and although it can get a little frustrating at times, Western Washingtonians secretly love it. Here are 5 reasons why:


1.  It keeps the green green! This PNW is home to more evergreen trees than almost anywhere else in the US. In my back yard alone, I have Cedar, Hemlock, Douglas-Fir, and Alder. These trees grow tall and strong thanks in large part to these wet winters. Let the rain fall! 

2. The smell of wet dog. C'mon, you know you love it. At least when it's your own dog. If Kona and Kai have been out running around in the rain, I'll always give them a good towel mopping before they come inside, but their rainy day smell might be my favorite!

3.  It's a good reason to stay in bed all day. With your wet dog. Okay maybe not with the wet dog, but definitely with a good movie or your favorite sports team on TV. Hell, make your sweetheart fix you breakfast in bed! Get your cuddle on. No one will give you a hard time for not leaving your bed because they're doing it, too. 

4. You wear your comfy clothes. Oversized sweaters, cozy rain boots, beanies and anything fleece really round out the rainy day outfits. If you have a big lunch, no one will notice under all those layers. 

5. Sunshine is overrated. It burns our skin. We can't sleep at night. Our blinds are closed. It puts unwanted glares across TV and computer screens. Plus, most of us don't have air conditioners.


Embrace these next couple weeks of rain, my friends. It's green outside, your dog smells awesome, staying in bed longer is the best, your outfit is as cozy as a blanket, and you're not sunburned. WIN!


- Taryn Daly



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