Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 5 Things Seattle Drivers Need To STOP Doing

March 14, 2017


Seattle's freeway driving habits have been terrible over the years, but with populations growing to the north and south as people move away from the big city, the bad driving habits are spreading! I won't sit here and pretend I'm 100% innocent and have NEVER done any of these things, but with the recent increase in rainfall that shows no sign of letting up anytime soon, it's worth reviewing what NOT to do! Because for some reason, bad drivers get even worse when it's raining.


1. Driving in the left lane as if you own it. You don't. It's meant for passing. And don't play games when someone does go to pass you, like speeding up. Just let it go! Don't sweat the small stuff.


2. Neglecting your blinkers. You have blinkers for a reason. USE THEM! For one, the signal could make the difference between a distracted driver seeing you or not. Second, it's courteous. Third, it's THE LAW.


3. Refusing to merge correctly. You have used a zipper before, right?? THAT is the way merging works. And if you have issues with this practice, kindly drive in the middle lane. And seriously STOP racing each other down the on-ramp. You don't have to be first. 


4. Constantly tailgating. They tell you in Driver's Ed to maintain a three-second following distance, and this is even more important when it's raining. If something happens two cars ahead of you when you're riding someone's bumper, you're all going to be in the same mess. Plus, you're NOT going to get to your destination any faster by doing so.


5. Not waving "thank you" when someone let's you over. This obviously isn't a legal issue, but it's nice! Kindness is a good thing to put out into the universe. We're all stressed, we're probably late for something, maybe there's a kid or two screaming in the back... a small gesture like the "thank you" wave could make someone's day or improve their mood. Just do it! 

After a recent car accident, I've committed to being a better driver myself. Is anyone a "perfect" driver? Unlikely. But we can all make a few adjustments behind the wheel to benefit the greater good.  Will traffic improve if every driver in the Seattle area quits doing the five things above? Possibly, but it certainly couldn't make things any worse! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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