Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 9 Local Record Stores To Hit Next Saturday

April 12, 2017

Record Store Day is April 22nd, and it’s a day for music fans to come together and celebrate our favorite places to explore and immerse ourselves in music. Independent record stores have some incredible things to offer us throughout the year, but extra special releases, performances and experiences make next Saturday even more special. Here are 9 record stores I love dearly!


1. Hot Poop – Walla Walla: There were MANY times during my Eastern Washington adventures throughout college than I would pop into Washington's oldest independent record store looking for a specific punk album, or just browse until I stumble upon something unique. East of the mountains, Hot Poop is a legendary record store with super fun vibes.


2. Zion’s Gate Records – Seattle: I first heard about Zion’s Gate from the lovely Jolene, former night host at KISW and one of my favorite people on the planet! If you’re looking for metal or reggae (strange combo, I know), they likely have the largest selection in the city.


3. Boomtown Records – Aberdeen: As Grays Harbor County’s only record store, Boomtown Records specializes in vinyl and carries an unbelievable collection of memorabilia. You’ll also stumble upon great acoustic performances from time to time!


4. Easy Street Records – West Seattle: The name itself commands respect. Easy Street Records has been a champion of music distribution since 1988, and everyone from Dick Dale to Mudhoney to Macklemore has performed live at this legendary store.


5. Avalon Records – Bellingham: Serving the north end since 1987, I have found so many rarities and special releases at Avalon over the years. When I was living up north, this was one of my favorite places to shop for music because the staff is always so fun and knowledgeable.


6. Daybreak Records – Seattle: One of the things I love about Daybreak is how insanely and beautifully organized it is! I’m completely blown away by their vinyl selection and how much care they put into the art of vinyl collection. Daybreak is super eclectic and warm with a super cool staff!


7. Rainy Day Record Company – Olympia: You know the giddy feeling you would get when you were younger going to buy a record? Rainy Day Record Company still brings that special joy to its customers. And they’ve been doing it since 1973.


8. Sonic Boom – Seattle: The folks who work at Sonic Boom are incredibly helpful and passionate about what they do. Every time I’ve been there, whether it was to search for a Jim Croce record or stand in line for hours for Foo Fighters tickets, I always leave with a glow.


9. Bargain CDs, Records & Tapes – Everett: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve swung into this joint on my commute from Stanwood to Seattle. I have found almost EVERY Rush album on vinyl here, and have even put in special requests to find ones I’m still searching for. Love it here!


Make some plans next week and visit the independent record stores in your area on Saturday April 22nd! It's a 10 year tradition! What's your favorite record store in the area? Email me the scoop!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly