Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Another Box Of ADVENTURE!

May 1, 2017

For the last few months, I've been getting a Cairn box delivered to my door, and it's always FILLED with things that interest me, tailored to my outdoor hobbies. Another box of ADVENTURE arrived and I am so excited to show off the contents! 


I'm insanely pumped about this new SegSac from Gobi Gear! For all the camping I do in the summertime, this will be perfect for compartmentalizing gear and keeping organized when I'm off the grid. The fabric is SO light that it won't weigh you down, either. Totally suits my needs!

Spring hikes await! What’s on your list? #packlikeaboss

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Is there ANYTHING more frustrating than breaking a zipper, especially when it comes to your favorite gear or clothing? Sleeping bags, packing tents, rain jacket... Don't get rid of it when the zipper breaks! You can give it a second chance at life with FixnZip instead. I honestly feel like I'll stock up in these, because I've found myself in a bind more than one time. 


One thing I'm SUPER into is FOOD, whether I'm cooking it over a fire in the mountains or eating it at my desk at work. The GoBites Duo from Human Gear is totally perfect for me! For as often as I eat on the go or when I'm out finding adventure, these will come in handy ALL the time. You can even extend them for easier access to deep tupperware dishes or meal bags. CRAZY helpful. 

Monday's are for thinking about lunch. We love this lunch set up from @dieckmann13! GoBites Duo ftw!

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I do a lot of hiking and cycling and beach combing, so having good, nutritious snacks is really important to me. Grab-and-go is the name of my game, and I'm pretty sure Play Hard Give Back created the Karmakandy with me in mind. Plus, a percentage of their revenue lets you give back through volunteer programs! That's a winning combo all around. 

Fuel your mid day crash with #KarmaKandy... flavorful and filled with almonds, banana chips, craisins, energy bits and peanutbutter cups. #PlayHardGiveBack #Snackwithpurpose #Givebacksnacks #Idaho #MadeinIdaho

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Not only do these Cairn boxes instantly benefit my life, they motivate me to continue loving and enjoying the outdoors! Can't wait for the next one! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly