Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Back To Baker

January 3, 2017

Well Rockaholics, it's SO good to be back!! I missed you all DEARLY, but it was good to take a few days off and recharge my batteries before the New Year. One of the highlights of my vacation was a trip to Mt. Baker for my first day up this season. Let me tell you... the conditions this past Friday were PERFECT.


We drove up to Glacier on Thursday night to stay at Snowater (thank you Jerry and Sandy!), and the ski area had experienced a BRUTAL storm earlier that day. Wind speeds hit 50 mph, and all but two of the lifts had to be shut down for the day. Bummer for anyone who had been up on Thursday. However, the snow report looked promising for Friday. With that storm came some fresh flakes, and there were about 20 inches of new snow in total between Wednesday and Thursday. We woke up Friday to IDEAL conditions - great powder, zero wind, and good vibes.


I love a good bluebird day on the hill, but often times that comes with a little ice. However Friday was 100% ice-free and the temperatures could not have been any more perfect. I'm admitedly in TERRIBLE shape at the moment, thanks in large part to multiple holiday meals and not a lot of physical activity these past few weeks... so having such solid conditions made for a FANTASTIC day to get my ski legs back. 


My two favorite chairs are Chair 5 and Chair 6. 5 has a few more groomed runs and is great for "cruisers", plus you can find some pretty deep powder in several spots. Chair 6 has more moguls and expert runs, or as we like to call them, "bruisers". I love hitting the north face of 6, and Sticky Wicket is always a welcome challenge. I typically shift back and forth throughout the day, venturing over to Chair 8 a few times to check out their ungroomed runs. Check out the trail map if you haven't been up - the layout is spectacular. 


When our legs got REAL shaky, we broke for lunch at the White Salmon Lodge, sipped on IPAs and feasted on their awesome bacon cheese burger and hand-cut fries. Honestly, the menu at Mt. Baker is spectacular and it varies from lodge to lodge so you can always find something new to try, but it's hard to pick from so many delicious choices! Typically I like to warm up with chili or chowder in a bread bowl, but the smell of bacon was beckoning me. 


The second half of the day was SO clear and bright, and although our legs wanted to call it a day, we toughed it out for a few more runs. 


After getting back to Snowater, it was hot tub time, which is truly the ONLY way I can fully warm back up after a great day on the slopes. My bones needed a good soak! And my body needed a few glasses of wine to help me unwind. 


Man, let me tell you... THAT is how you do your first day back on two planks. 


I can't wait to get back up to Mt. Baker in the coming weeks! Hope to see some of you Rockaholic powder hounds on Sticky Wicket, shredding the gnar!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly