Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Be A Grill God (Or Goddess)

September 1, 2016

If you don't grill, you should. If you don't grill all the time, you should. Be a Grill God! I have always been a "Grill Goddess", but for a long time, I was only grilling on the weekends because of my work schedule. 


Since I work nights, I usually cook dinner for me and my guy before I leave for work, sometimes as early as 8am! But I'm always scrambling to get out the door and to work on time. We have always had a charcoal Weber (and we still do), but firing up charcoal can take a while, so I never used to grill during the week. I always threw yummy meals in the oven or whipped something up on the stove top. Nothing wrong with that, but it was really my only option due to time constraints! Yeah, I'm usually in a hurry before work, but who isn't?!?!


However, ever since we brought home a bad ass Weber Genesis EP-330 LP Gas Grill w/ a side burner this past spring, I grill our dinner (in the morning) almost every single weekday! And I LOVE it. 

Of course we still have the charcoal to use when we want to, but for me and my crazy schedule, this gas grill is a life saver. 

I think a lot of folks might prefer something grilled on a smoky BBQ to something baked in the oven. I still do cook inside, but there's something really bad ass about cooking outdoors. Today before work, I modified this recipe for Sweet & Spicy Bacon-Wrapped Chicken and as soon as I finish writing this blog, I'm going to go heat it up for all to smell, then eat the hell out of it! On the side, I grilled some bell peppers straight on the grill, and they turned out LOVELY!

What kind of grill do you like to work with, and what is your favorite thing to make on it? Hit me up in the comments with the details!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly