Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: BEST SALSA EVER

May 5, 2016

Since it's Cinco de Mayo and everyone has tequila and tacos on the brain, I have to shed light on my FAVORITE salsa EVER, which also happens to be local! It's called Skagit's Best Salsa, and they've truly changed my salsa game!!


I'll try to tell their story as best as I can, from what I have been told, but like a game of telephone, the message might be slightly different at the end of the line :)


Kirt Rohrs started making his salsa as a hobby in the commercial kitchen of a restaurant/bar where I used to host trivia years ago. He would do this after hours, in the middle of the night, mostly sharing with friends and family. One night after my trivia show, he gave me two jars of his salsa to take home and try. It was AMAZING. We went through it SO fast, putting it on everything from chicken breasts to nachos. We seriously couldn't get enough! Well, apparently everyone else who was enjoying the salsa was having the same feelings about it! Kirt's demand was increasing, he quickly outgrew the kitchen he was utilizing, and he needed to get his own place to grow the business and production. Eventually, his product was picked up by a few co-ops in the north end, and the word was officially out. From there, Kirt expanded to larger grocery stores, chains, produce markets, co-ops and restaurants ALL OVER the north end and beyond! I have to say... I feel kind of proud that I got to experience Skagit's Best Salsa during the early days, but I am even more proud to share Kirt's salsa story with my Rockaholics! You absolutely HAVE to try it sometime. Depending on your threshold for heat, you can pick up Timid, Medium....ish, or HOT. I like HOT the best, but it's definitely toasty! Medium....ish is their most popular, and Timid is delicious with minimal burn. ;) Skagit's Best Salsa is an incredible local business and product that you will LOVE. 


Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly