Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Brew-It-Yourself In Bend!

Stop #2: BIY at Immersion Brewing

November 9, 2016


I cannot stress this enough - if you're a craft brew fanatic, or even just a dabbler, the Bend Ale Trail is FANTASTIC for exploring, not just for the drinking you'll do, but for the educational experience you'll receive. Every brewery does things differently. That's what makes each one so unique when you Visit Bend!


Getting a behind-the-scenes look at a brewery's facilities, equipment, and operations is pretty special, and Immersion Brewery really stood out in that regard. They have a Brew It Yourself component to what they do in Bend (the first and only BIY pub!), which offers anyone a taste of what it's like to homebrew! 


On one side of the BIY space, you'll find all of the ingredients needed to create the beer of your choosing during a two-hour appointment, and they have more than THIRTY recipes for you thumb through!


On the other side of the BIY area, you get to create your masterpiece in professional grade, copper kettles.


After three weeks, you come back to Immersion Brewing for your bottling session, where they'll assist you in chilling, carbonating, labeling and bottling your very own beer. They even let you customize your label, which is a super cool idea for gift-giving, special occasions, or a dozen other fantastic reasons. At the end of the experience, you'll leave with about 5 gallons of your BIY beer. 

Brew your own beer for your wedding guests! What a great gift idea! Leave a bottle of your own hand-crafted beer in your guests hotel room...a true taste of Central Oregon! Congrats and cheers! --#inbend #brewyourown #weddingidea #imbrewing #customlabels

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On top of being blown away by the BIY component, their beer was sensational and I definitely took more than one sample of each :) What are you gonna do about it - take away my birthday?! HA! 

Thank you Immersion Brewing for such a spectacular experience! I cannot WAIT to come back, brew my own beer, and share it with friends and family. You guys stole my boozy heart!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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