Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Celebrate National Beer Day

April 7, 2017

At first I was confused... National Beer Day?! Isn't that every day? Well, apparently not. April 7th marks a historic event - the day that the Cullen-Harrison Act was entacted 85 years ago. 


If you're not familiar with the Cullen-Harrison Act, let me bring you up to speed.... FDR signed this law on March 22nd, 1933, which made it legal to sell low-alcohol beer in the US, MONTHS before Prohibition had been completely repealed. The law allowed for beer with up to 4% ABV to be openly sold after a 13-year ban on booze! Way to go, FDR! You certainly paved the way. Even dogs are excited about it!

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Fast forward to today, where we have craft breweries popping up EVERYWHERE, and it's estimated that our country's beer business generates about 1.5% of the United States' total gross domestic product. Here at KISW, we love being in the business of beer, so it's no surprise The Mens Room is ALL over #NationalBeerDay...


Although low-alcohol beer isn't my usual thing, as I am an IPA connesseiur, it's certainly what I take on camping trips, river floats and music festivals! Whether it be high or low ABV, whatever you are drinking tonight, be sure to raise a glass to Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt and National Beer Day. 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly