Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Cleverly-Named Pho' Restaurants

January 11, 2017


Why do I love Pho'? Because this Vietnamese noodle soup is one of the best, most efficient hangover cures that exists in the world. Well, it's also insanely delicious when you're NOT hung over, but I stand by my hangover statement. 


I am meeting a girlfriend for Pho' tomorrow in Marysville before heading south to Seattle (and no, I am not PLANNING to be hung over), and it got me thinking about the clever, and sometimes downright HILARIOUS names of Pho' restaurants in our area. The creativity is endlessly entertaining! Check out these fantastic places, whether you're hung over or not:


Pho' Ever - Bellevue, WA: Family-owned and operated and nestled in bustling downtown Bellevue, they have an extensive menu that will bring you back time and time again! 


Pho' Shizzle - Renton, WA: Wanna know who eats here regularly? #89, Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks! If that's not enough to bring you in, I'm not sure what is! 


Pho' King - Tacoma, WA: I really giggle when I see the logo, because I'm a child, but also because I love Pho' and this wonderful spot knows how to tickle the senses! For those who eat vegetarian, they will win you over for best veggie Pho'!


What The Pho' - Bellevue, WA: Another eastside favorite, their broth is a 12-hour process you'll appreciate! They use the freshest ingredients to create a savory experience for your tastebuds. 


Highlighting these restaurants not only made me giggle, because I LOVE a good pun, it also made me very hungry, so I'm going to go eat my dinner now. Can't wait to enjoy Pho' tomorrow for lunch! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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