Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Cribbage Tournament Recap

October 10, 2016

The 1st ever charity cribbage tournament at Skookum Brewery was a HUMONGOUS success, and I want to thank everyone who supported the National MS Society by playing and/or drinking with us yesterday. There was a $5 suggested donation to play in the tournament, and $0.50 from every pint supported the cause as well! I drank a lot of Olde Tom IPAs... 


We had a massive turnout - thanks in large part to the Hawks' bye week - and the stakes were high. First place won an overnight stay at the Lopez Islander Resort and a filled growler, second place won the green Seahawks cribbage board pictured above and a filled growler, and third place won a filled growler!


 My first round opponent was Leon, and this guy was SO fun. We had a great time and played a well fought battle, but he eliminated me right out of the gate! How embarrassing?!?! Maybe I shouldn't have talked so much smack... #karma

Cribbage is such a family learned and loved game that many groups had grandparents, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles in the house. Both my mom and dad were there, and my dad's the one who taught me to play. I heard many stories like mine yesterday. Pretty special indeed. The good news was that all of us "losers" kept on playing each other after our respective losses, so the brewery stayed packed even after half of us lost out on the chance to win!


As the day went on, I noticed my dad, Craig, was actually doing pretty well. He even eliminated my boyfriend from the competition by skunking him! My dad made it all the way to the final game, and he played a total sweetheart of a Rockaholic named Lauren for 1st and 2nd place. They were playing best two out of three, and my dad ended up victorious. What are the damn odds?!?! I also have to say - GIRL POWER for a lady being in the top two! Lauren went home with the Hawks cribbage board and my dad won the overnight stay at Lopez Islander Resort. Congrats to both of these crib masters!

Of course, one of the highlights every time I visit Skookum is getting doggy snuggles - meet Reuben and Newton :) 

Also, very honored to have added a KISW sticker to the wall o' fame at the brewery. \m/ \m/

We had such a great time and the event was so successful that I am confident Skookum will host another incredible charity cribbage tournament! I'll keep y'all posted because if you missed yesterday's tourney, you'll certainly want to be there for the next one! 


Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make this a wonderful day to remember! Cheers!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly