Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Devils Hunt Me Down EP Release Party

Friday April 28th at the High Dive in Seattle

April 27, 2017

Since I've worked at KISW, I've become increasingly familiar with Devils Hunt Me Down. Not just their music, but the guys in the band as well! Matt, Chris, Ian and Callum are some of the hardest working musicians in the Seattle rock scene, and their latest EP proves it to be true. Trust me, I would know... I got it early :) 


I feel SO damn lucky to have found In Media Res in my mailbox this week, which - get this - is only PART ONE of an insane 3-part release of four-song EPs throughout 2017. Mind = blown. 


This first of three EPs will be released next month, and you're able to preorder it now. But if you come out tomorrow night for their EP Release Party at the High Dive, you can get it a couple weeks early! Not only that, but they have some of the coolest merch around, so pick up something to treat your ears to AND something to add to your closet.  

Obsessing over my new @devilshuntmedown hoodie!!! Give these rad dudes some local love --------

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As if it couldn't get any better, it does. Devils Hunt Me Down will be supported by Year of the Cobra, Woodshed, and Hundred Loud.


I'm loving the first taste of what Devils Hunt Me Down has been creating in recent months. They've been working closely with the incredible Jack Endino to bring their live shows to life in the studio, and they absolutely crushed it. The other night, I said to Matt Koch, and I quote, "If I was a guy, I think my voice would sound like Matt's from Devils Hunt Me Down." The phenomenal control he has over his gravelly voice is super addicting. :) This band pulls from so many genres, and you can hear the varied influences throughout In Media Res. Funky, sludgy, jazzy, heavy, and 100% Seattle rock. Listen to the lyrics - they're magical. 


I keep flipping back and forth on which song is my favorite. Yesterday it was 'A Caveman In A Computer Room', and today it's 'Rusty Nail', which we just debuted at KISW.com this week! Go check it out.


Hope to have a MASSIVE Rockaholic turnout for this bad ass show tomorrow night! Keep supporting local music! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly