Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Doggy Sun Safety

June 9, 2016

You  may have noticed that I was not on the air last night. And you may have noticed my Facebook post explaining why I was not going to be rocking with you. I wanted to share yesterday's horrifying afternoon with my fellow Rockaholics, because I know our audience is FULL of animal lovers. With temperatures on the rise, it's so critical to keep our furry children safe, and if my experience with Kona helps someone else, I will be thrilled!! This was my post yesterday: 


"This one had a rough day today. After our mid day yard exploration and a typical game of fetch, she collapsed next to the porch. It looked like someone knocked her off her feet. I screamed and carried her into the house, where she collapsed two more times and was panting twice as hard as I'd ever seen her pant. Thanks to some friendly vet advice, I learned my girl was suffering from heat exhaustion. She's lucky she didn't have a stroke. Her body temperature was way high and required ice packs to regulate. She started kissing my face when she noticed was bawling. And I'm bawling just writing this 4 hours later. Wanted to share my experience because our temperatures are only going to get hotter this summer, and I had no idea how these past few days had taken a toll on her. It was doggy business as usual today, but a red flag that we need to modify our outdoor activities this time of year. My Kona is not a young dog anymore, and although she still likes to play like a puppy, it's my job to keep her within certain limitations. There's a doggy PSA for my fellow dog owners. Don't let your pups get too worked up in the heat. Keep them cool and indoors. Monitor their panting, their gums, their activity, and make sure they're drinking plenty of water. I love this girl so much."


If you want to check out additional tips and info, this article is VERY helpful:


How to Treat (and Possibly Save!) An Overheated Dog


Thanks for all of the well wishes yesterday and today! Kona is doing SO much better. She was back to her normal, happy-go-lucky self this morning, and I am finally not crying anymore :)


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly