Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Dogwood Play Park

July 11, 2016

Well, I found heaven on earth over the weekend. A few months ago, Sergeant Hairclub sent me a link to this magical place, and I FINALLY visited on Saturday. It's called Dogwood Play Park, and it is hands down the coolest concept I've EVER encountered as a dog mom. 


This 21+ hot spot is an indoor/outdoor dog park in the Lake City neighborhood with everything needed to keep you and your dogs entertained! On one side, you have an active play area and on the other side is a gentle play area. Of course our labs are of the "active" personality type, and they were loving every second of it! We were blown away by the facility. The bar area was super cool, they have an outdoor space with tables and chairs and umbrellas, there are tons of toys and balls to play with, and a FABULOUS selection of beer. Not to mention TVs on the walls so you can keep up with the Sounders or the Ms this time of year. I have to say... we were very happy dog parents with two VERY happy dogs. 

We saw all sorts of breeds while we were there. Bulldogs, a Golden Doodle, Samoyeds, Pugs, and lots of labs (three were with our group!).

Make sure to email your vet records with current vaccinations before you go, then BAM, you're in! They have a few different membership options if you plan on being a regular, and they even offer doggy daycare. I think this place is SO incredibly special. I plan on making Dogwood Play Park a regular part of our adventures, and I hope they continue to grow! We need more places like Dogwood Play Park! Hope to see you and your four-legged friends there soon, Rockaholics!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly