Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Food Truck Frenzy

January 31, 2017


I'll be honest... I am literally the WORST person to ask, "Hey, where do you wanna go to eat?" I love pretty much any and all food - just don't put pineapple on the pizza and we're good. But great food doesn't have to come from a giant, commercial kitchen inside a restaurant with a street address. Food trucks continue to grow in popularity throughout the PNW, and you can find them at breweries, weddings, 5ks and street corners! I feel so passionately about our local food truck scene that I absolutely HAD to highlight a few of them in my Wreckreation Guide:


StrEAT Food - I first encountered StrEAT Food outside of Kulshan Brewery in Bellingham, and the pack a super diverse menu into their trailer space! I was immediately drawn to the BBQ Pork Sandwich because I consider myself a connoisseur of BBQ, and they absolutely know their stuff! They also crush with their Pita offerings, so try something different every time! 


Mr Gyros - Ryan Castle says, and I quote, "You haven't had a gyro until you've had a Mr Gyros gyro." You can often find them posted up outside the oh-so-popular Chuck's Hop Shop in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood, but you can check their Twitter for daily stops. 


2 1/2 Men BBQ - I met these guys outside Skookum Brewery in Arlington this past Sunday and had to get down on one of the delicious burgers I could smell from inside. They give you SEVERAL choices on cheese (that's an internal struggle for me, a proud cheese-addict), plus their grilled onions are a revelation! Washed it down with an Old Tom IPA, and it was absolute heaven in my mouth. 


Seattle Biscuit Company - On Saturdays, visit Lucky Envelope Brewing and you'll find the Biscuit truck! Their southern-style, handmade biscuits are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Once you've had one, all other biscuits will pale in comparison. I suggest you order the Hickey Dewberry, if it's available! 


Calle - They have a brick and mortar restaurant in Mt. Vernon that I LOVE, but their taco truck makes a great event even better! With street tacos done RIGHT, they use insanely fresh ingredients and spices to create the most excellent experience for your taste buds! They're mission? Make Tacos Great Again. 


Lumpia World - Worth the drive to Federal Way EVERY time if you call in an order, but their food truck can be found around Seattle! Check their Twitter for locations. My cousin's wife is Filipino and I LOVE when she makes Lumpia, but because she won't make it for me as often as I'd like, Lumpia World is where I get my fix! 


I am so damn hungry right now after writing my thoughts and STARING at these photos... HOLY COW I'm gonna go find the nearest food truck for dinner right now! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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