Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Get The Most Out Of 420

April 20, 2016
weed, pot, marijuana, 420

Happy 420, Rockaholics!


*cough cough cough*


I know that celebrating this holiday is nothing new for many of you, but some of you might be first-timers. And furthermore, you're not REQUIRED to participate, even if it is legal in the state of WA. Maybe you can't because you have your CDL, and that's totally chill, man. *gives thumbs up* These tips are for both the 420-friendly AND those who pass on grass. Everyone can have a good day today. Here's how I recommend you maximize your experiences on 420, whether or not you're involved in the traditional activities surrounding this holiday. 


1. You must have good people in tow. This could include your best chums, your crazy coworkers, or maybe your dear mother participates in this past time! Whatever the case may be, choose wisely. Today there shall be no drama, no bitching and complaining, and absolutely 100% NO CRYING. It's a day to be happy! Bring those happy people along.


2.  You must have a grand vista. A beautiful view, especially on a day like today, is most critical. Today we have 70+ degrees and sunshine - PERFECT! Whether you're soaking up the sun and looking at a beautiful body of water, or hiking in the hills surrounded by forest, it's a great day to overdose on nature and natural surroundings. 


3.  You must have the perfect soundtrack. That's where we come in. Crank up KISW for Weed Week with The Men's Room this afternoon and try your best to figure out who indulged before work. And you can kick it all night with ME starting at 6pm on the MIGHTY Rock Of Seattle. I'll be playing plenty of 420-friendly jams this evening, but you can always get specific and request songs by calling 206-421-ROCK or texting your requests to 77999. Be sure to include your current state of inebriation and how exactly you arrived there.


Today is a beautiful day to be happy with friends at a fabulous vantage point listening to great music. Hell, you should just do that EVERY day.


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly