Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Grown-Up Game Night

January 30, 2017


Over the weekend, the sibllings and our significant others got together for a Grown-Up Game-Night! The four elements that lead to such success were:


1. Papa Murphy's Pizza (selctions included Pepperoni, Cowboy, Herb Chicken Mediterranean)

2. Local wine and beer (D2 from DeLille Cellars and Space Dust from Elysian Brewing)


4. That's What She Said (no seriously, that's the name of the game) 


You've played Cards Against Humanity, right? And Apples to Apples? Well, meet That's What She Said, which is basically what happens when Cards Against Humanity and Apples To Apples have a baby. And it's horribly, disturbingly, disgustingly awesome. If you're down with that kind of thing. Which I am. 


Tag "that friend" who'd love this game! - "Wicked smart and witty humor had our guests laughing for hours!" - Rated 5 Stars on Amazon #twssgame Click the link in bio to get your copy.

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Basically, everyone playing takes turns pulling a RED card with the prompt, and the other players finish the statement with the white cards. The nasty white cards! The first player to collect X amount of cards is the winner. 


At one point, we were all laughing SO hard that our faces were red and booze was nearly coming out of our nostrils! Grown-Up Game Night was a HUGE success, and I definitely think we'll get the fam together more often to do it. 


Sometimes life gets SO hectic that we forget to press pause and get together with friends or family in the simplest of ways. Pizza, booze, a dirty game and no kids made an amazing bonding night for the adults in the family! 


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly



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