Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: HELP! I'm Getting Goats!

July 26, 2017

You're probably aware that I'm a crazy dog mom, and if I was a part of the cast of Game Of Thrones, I'd be the Mother of Chickens. I love my little mini farm, and as we get closer to moving into our work-in-progress remodel on acreage, I look forward to adding more animals to the mix! As you may know, I've been pretty obsessed with goats, and it's looking like we're getting a couple in the middle of August... So now, I need HELP!


The fascination really stuck when I started to follow a few awesome Instagram accounts featuring goats...

Little Peanut -- #babygoat #rescuegoats #goatsofinstagram #rescue #adoptdontshop

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Sweet picture of Lyla, Chibs and Prospect. When they were babies, they all lived in the house together. They look like they're having a moment ❤

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Amos is a BIG goat. His breed is intended to be raised for meat, but he is one of the lucky few who happened to be raised as a pet. His heavy build makes our dairy-rescued goats look practically dainty in comparison! This big sweet soul deserves to be respected and loved as do all animals -- Meet Amos (over the fence) and all our animals at our August 5th tour (link in bio) #goatsofinstagram #amosgoat #scratchingpost #biggoats #friendsnotfood #pasadosafehaven #pasados #rescue #rescueanimals #vegansofig #veganseattle #seattle #pnw #animalwelfare #animalrights #animals

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...but I need to do a LOT of learning, practicing and researching between now and their arrival!


A friend of mine is about to have baby #3 so a LOT is about to change, and they were looking for a good home in the neighborhood for their twin male Pygmy goats. Of course I volunteered IMMEDIATELY and even went over to meet the pair today! Because they live down the street, their family can come and visit the goats anytime, and since they already have children, chickens and dogs in the mix, these two goats are the perfect fit for our world! The hope is to spend more time with them over the next few weeks until it's time to make the transition. I cannot wait, but I am still nervous! 


For my goat-savvy Rockaholics, please Please PLEASE send me an email with any advice you have in raising goats! What kind of goats do you have? What do you feed them? How do you manage their health care? What happened the last time your goats escaped? What kind of fencing do you use? Which websites or local organizations have you found to be most helpful? That kind of stuff! The good, the bad and the ugly. ANY and ALL tidbits are welcome and appreciated!


Thanks for having my back, my babes and babettes!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly