Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Invest In Music

June 30, 2016

It's NEVER too late to learn how to play music. It's never too early to get your youngins started! It's also never too late to pick up where you left off as a kid and get back into it. I recently borrowed a sax and scared the s*** out of my dogs! It was so fun (for me).  


I grew up playing the clarinet and the alto saxophone in elementary school, middle school, and high school. In college, I decided to pick up the guitar, and I was the only girl living in the sorority playing punk rock songs on electric guitar. I think it's safe to say I pissed off a lot of ladies, but man it was fun. There's really nothing cooler than nailing a riff you've been working on for a while! 


 I'm still pretty awful at all of these instruments, but it's sure fun to pick them up from time to time and remember certain scales, songs or solos. It's INCREDIBLE what your memory is capable of!


Over the years I have found great places to buy or rent instruments, so I wanted to pass along my favorites. Whether it's for you personally, or for your offspring, definitely get in there and find something to get loud with!


Up in Skagit Valley, you have to get to Hugo Helmer. You literally CAN'T MISS IT. It's the giant orange building on the west side of I-5 just north of the George Hopper exit in Burlington. My good buddy Brad works there and is SO helpful. He walked me through selecting an awesome ukulele for my boyfriend and is always extremely knowledgeable and budget-conscious. I've asked him all sorts of questions about bass guitars, drums, amps, and pedals. He's the guy!


If you're in Seattle, your spot is The Trading Musician. Not only can you find all sorts of incredible new equipment, they have a MONSTER selection of vintage scores! They have a great staff who are all experts in various facets of music. Go hang out! 


For my south-enders, Music 6000 in Olympia is your go-to. They have been family-owned and operated in that area for decades! The staff is super friendly and their product lines are top notch. If you're looking for lessons, Music 6000 has an AMAZING group of instructors at affordable prices. Rock on!


With so many schools cutting arts programs due to budget constraints, I think it is CRITICAL to try and keep instruments in the hands of children. Instrument rentals and lessons can be super affordable - that's what my folks helped with when I was growing up! Whether your looking for yourself or the younger generation, definitely check these guys out. Get out there and MAKE SOME NOISE!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly