Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Miss Rock at Seafair

August 8, 2016

2016 has been a VERY exciting year for KISW. Not only are we celebrating 45 years of Rock, but a huge piece of our history has been unearthed this summer for a monster comeback. I'm talking of course about the return of Miss Rock! 


We lovingly refer to her as "the people's boat", because over the years it didn't matter if she qualified or not, if she burst into flames or not. Miss Rock has had one of the most loyal followings in all of hydroplane history, and that is all because of our Rockaholic community in Seattle and beyond.

This weekend she was back at Seafair for the first time in YEARS, and she was welcomed with open arms all across the board. The new fans and the long time fans flocked to watch her in action on Lake Washington. I might be a little bit biased, but she was hands down the most eye-catching of all the hydros! The blackest boat on the water, she commands attention and respect! 

Many thanks are in order to driver Kevin Eacret and U-99.9 Leland Unlimited Hydroplane Racing for bringing SO much passion to the table this year. The Seattle Times featured Kevin's longtime love for Miss Rock in an article highlighting his dreams of driving her. He even signed her as a kid!! This video from Kevin's racing over the weekend is TOTALLY INSANE! Can you believe how fast these things move on the water? Unreal. 


Our dear friend "Iron" Mike Savoia captured some sweet moments on and off the water over the weekend! You can check out his full gallery right here


Many thanks to the KISW Rock Girls who came out for the festivities! 


To say this return to the water was magical would be an understatement. All of the excitement surrounding Miss Rock has helped us uncover old photos and information to trace her legacy back for several decades. From our first collection of her history to our follow-up archives thanks to KISW legend Steve West, we managed to make every day a Throwback Thursday these past few months reminiscing about Miss Rock. She's been a big part of the KISW culture for many years, and we've dreamed about her coming back to Seafair for a long time!  Of course the Blue Angels wowed crowds for days on end, but having that big, black boat back out on the water stirred up a lot of chatter!


The weather wasn't very cooperative this weekend, which is pretty normal for Western Washington. We had sunshine on Friday, some overcast conditions and burnoff on Saturday, and Sunday was pretty windy, rainy and chilly. But here in Western Washington, we are always prepared with ponchos, beer, and maybe a space heater... But that couldn't and WOULDN'T stop Miss Rock!


Ultimately, it didn't end the way we had hoped it would on Sunday afternoon. Our number one girl was disqualified in the third and final heat for violating the DMZ zone in the first race of the second heat. What a heat breaker. But damn, she's pretty, isn't' she?! 


The whole weekend was pretty amazing for KISW. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Miss Rock in person, or who watched at home on KIRO 7


I know I speak for everyone at KISW when I say we would LOVE to have Miss Rock back out on the water again next year, so here's to her continued legacy! Cheers to CARSTAR Auto Body for your support of this phenomenal journey!


Happy Adventuring,


Taryn Daly